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At Joos, we are all about doing business the right way. Beyond offering a cutting-edge power bank sharing service, we are on a mission to use our influence for good. Our commitment to sustainability is not just a tagline; it's about making sure we run things responsibly and ethically in our day-today operations.

Powering Change with Joos Solar

  • We launched Joos Solar in 2023 to champion renewable energy and a greener future.
  • Our solar solutions facilitate an affordable and seamless transition to clean energy.
  • We empower homes, businesses and our existing partners to reduce their carbon footprint.

Offsetting and Exceeding Our Emissions

  • With Joos Solar, we are committed to fully offset the energy consumption of Joos’ Power Bank operations by the summer of 2024!
  • We started our Charge2Plant scheme in 2020, since then we have planted thousands of seedlings in the Eastern region of Ghana- currently facing one of the highest deforestation rates in the world.

Paving the Way in Sustainable Packaging

  • Since our launch in 2020, we have successfully reduced single-use plastics in all our packaging by over 90%.
  • But why stop at 90%? We are on track to eliminate single-use plastics in all of our packaging in 2024.

Battery Recycling That Comes Full Circle

  • As part of our recycling process, we gather all lithium-ion batteries for proper disposal.
  • We collaborate with a specialised recycling partner equipped to handle lithium recycling.
  • Batteries get new life instead of landfill demise for closed-loop sustainability.

Labor Practices That Make Us Thrive

  • Exclusive partnership with open-door policy factories for ethical manufacturing.
  • Enforcing global ethical standards for all partner factories.
  • Collaborating with an ethical sourcing agent for fair and responsible labour practices.


  • When a power bank station is removed from a location it undergoes a refurbishment process and it is being installed again at another location.
  • Over 90% of Joos customers actively contribute to a greener planet by returning power banks into the network where they are recharged and used again.

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