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Joos is the leading brand in smartphone charging across Western markets. Start your scalable business venture today & begin to reap the rewards from providing the leading charging solution to your chosen market!

Why Joos?

Vertically Integrated

Joos is the shared power bank rental company only outside of China with complete control over our tech, meaning Joos will always remain at the forefront of technological change within the industry.

Multiple Lucrative Revenue Sources

With Joos, you can benefit from power bank rental revenue, as well as the highly lucrative commercialisation & advertising opportunities available with Joos

Industry Leading Brand

Joos is the leading smartphone charging brand in the West. Join a well-established brand already widely synonymous with phone charging

Only Apple Approved Supplier in the West

We are the only Made for iPhone company in the West, meaning you will hold a very significant trump card when going head-to-head versus any competitor.

Complete Tech Solution

We take care of all hardware configurations, compliance, currency integrations, payment processing & operating systems, freeing your time up to to focus on the commercial aspect of the business

360 Degree Support

Working alongside our product & commercial experts, there is no question our team are unable to answer!

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    Desired Investment

    Product Range​

    Joos Mini

    Perfect for venues with available countertop space.

    Joos Mini+

    Perfect for all venues... no countertop space? No problem!

    Max Junior

    Perfect for higher footfall areas with limited space.

    Joos Max

    Perfect advertising solution with maximum charging capacity.

    It’s a Joosy World

    Joos has successfully launched into several markets around the world, from Ireland through to Canada. Join us on our journey to become the household name of power bank rental!

    Where will you take us?

    Joos vs White Label


    Launching Joos as a Franchise entirely depends on the scale you wish to achieve. Whether you are looking to create a large-scale charging business, or simply looking to add passive income to your business portfolio, Joos can cater to your needs!

    Get in touch with us on our contact form!

    Enquire Now

    Yes! Our in-house tech team have the capability to take us to every country in the world 😊

    We offer extensive coaching from all aspects of our company, including our Business Development Team collaboratively building you a Go To Market strategy, through to the operations team explaining how to service your equipment, as well as our Client Management Team explaining how to look after your venues.

    With assistance from the experienced Joos commercial team, we will help you place Joos in the most lucrative industries & pay off the hardware costs in less than 12 months (including the franchise fee).

    Let’s get started...

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